Friday, May 31, 2019

Hard as Steel

'Surviving Series.’ Book four

In the dark where monsters live, a dark story flourishes to life, born of wicked intent and evil power. 
A warning of sorts, sinister actions threaten the innocent and rob them of their virtue.

Lost from the life she once knew, held against her will. Grace lived a life unwanted. Until one fateful night she escaped, and now her memory gone, and her newfound freedom in the hands of strangers. Grace knew that digging into her past was the only path to find her future.

Steel Archer, with his commanding charisma and keen focus captivated his platoon. He had been to battle and tasted the sand of the desert war. No one understood, how could they? The adrenaline buzz, the anticipation, the planning and preparation that came with each mission fed his mind, body, and soul. It was addicting until it all went wrong, men died. 
His men. 

But now that was all behind him. PI- Securities firm was where he landed and his reputation for questionable methods of persuasion, worked to his advantage. 

“I’d been told I had a calm about me. But don’t be fooled, undermining my power would be foolish. I saw myself as a wild predator who lived life on the razors edge.” 

His good looks and intensity rolling off in waves. Years of training banishing any trace of emotion. Every muscle in his body instinctively warning him, like a sixth sense of what’s to come. Foreseeing the enemy’s next move is far more primal, instinctive, and raw than most believe. 

“There’s never been room for a life outside my profession. Certainly not a woman, that’s a liability I can’t afford to indulge in."

Until he met his match.

This book is the fourth installment of the series, where on-going characters overlap and appear within each book.

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